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Alhambra Tract

Alhambra City, Los Angeles County, CA

The Alhambra Tract [1] has been variously referred to as Alhambra Gardens, Alhambra Wash, Brainerd's Orange Park Tract, Lindaraxa Tract, Lister Park Tract, Wiesendanger's Alhambra Park Tract.

This neighborhood was part of the original Alhambra Tract that began large-scale development in the city. Most of the current homes were developed between the 1910s through 1930s.

This neighborhood has a large number of Craftsman homes as well as other pre- and post-war styles, including Modern, Monterey, Ranch, Spanish Colonial Revival, and Tudor Revival.

  1. City of Alhambra, California, Single-Family Residential Design Guidelines, 2009, www.cityofalhambra.org, accessed April, 2016.

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