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July 2024

bay view historic district milwaukee, wi

The Bay View Historic District grew up alongside a bay on Lake Michigan around an iron and steel mill that was introduced there in 1867. Although the community is located only about three miles southeast of the commercial center of Milwaukee, it has always maintained a separate identity from the rest of the city due to natural and manmade barriers. [ Wisconsin ]

hghland historic district, waterloo, ia

The Highland Neighborhood Historic District was the exclusive enclave for Waterloo's industrial and professional elite during the years 1908 through 1940. The neighborhood is represented by an unusually large number of commissions which were executed by a notable Northeast Iowa architect, Mortimer B. Cleveland. [ WaterlooIA ]

fort payne alabama

The Fort Payne Residential Historic District represents a middle-class residential neighborhood built by Fort Payne's civic and business leaders. The District reflects Fort Payne's two major building periods — 1888 through 1891 and 1909 through the 1930s. [ Fort Payne, Alabama ]

Swedesboro Borough

Borough of Swedesboro — over the past 12 months there were 36 homes sold here. Median time on market was less than one week (6 days) and median sold price was $397,000.

Lionville Historic District

The Lionville Historic District — in 1833, William Trimble bought 59 acres from John Gordon and proceeded to divide it into parcels, particularly the part with frontage on the King's Road. Between 1820 and 1870, virtually all of the village of Lionville as it is seen today was built. [ Uwchlan Township, Chester County, PA ]

Milford, Pennsylvania

The Delaware City Historic District is approximately 86% residential and includes styles 1827 well into the twentieth century. [ Delaware City, DE ]

Milford, Pennsylvania

The Borough of Milford, seat of Pike County, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1796 by John Biddle, (originally known as Wells Ferry)named after his ancestral home in Wales.

June 2024

West Valley City, UT

West Valley City, Utah — Following much disagreement the city was incorporated in 1980 in order to prevent the annexation of Granger, Hunter and Redwood by Salt Lake City.

Broadway Park Historic District

The location of the Broadway Park District is unique within Bellingham, as it was selected to maximize sales revenues by capitalizing on its proximity to a streetcar line and to dispose of a "problem" landscape feature (the marsh) by gifting it to the city as a park. (See Streetcar Suburbs 1888 to 1928) [ City of Bellingham, Whatcom CountyWA ]

Madeira Beach City

Incorporated in 1947, the City of Madeira Beach is located on a barrier island brodering the Intercoastal Waterway. The city includes approximately 2,500 households. [ Pinellas County, FL ]

Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, was cited in a recent report by as the city with the highest percentage of homes available (239) for under $200,000 — median price $149,350. [ Broward County ].

Bayfield County, Wisconsin

East Third Street Historic District

The East Third Street Residential Historic District is an architecturally and historically significant collection of single family residences that together constitute a well‑defined and visually distinct geographic and historic entity within the City of Washburn.

Bayfield Historic District

The Bayfield Historic District encompasses most of a well-preserved Lake Superior village. Bayfield's spectacular physical setting, long economic decline and relative isolation has allowed the village to retain much of the flavor of its heyday years. [ Bayfield City ]

Montebello, NY

Montebello Village, New York: is where one finds the traces of Ralph Borsodi's 1930s experimental utopian community. [ Rockland County ].

Seatack Historic District

Seatack Historic District — most of the residential buildings constructed are modest vernacular or dwellings of no discernable style, with other popular residential styles including Minimal Traditional, Craftsman, Ranch and Colonial Revival. [ Virgina Beach, Virginia ]

Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas: Both Blackrock and Citadel Securities have announced their support for the creation of a Texas Stock Exchange (TXSE) here putting into question the fate of the New York (NYSE) exchange.

May 2024

Pierre Hill, Pierre, SD

The Pierre Hill Residential Historic District retains a remarkable degree if historic integrity and visual cohesiveness, with ninety-four percent of the buildings dating from the historic period of significance and ninety-six percent of the in-period buildings retaining historic integrity. [ PierreSouth Dakota ]

Spring Hill, Mobile, AL

Within the boundaries of Spring Hill, there have survived nine 19th century buildings significant both because of their individual architectural value and because they collectively record the growth of a community from its inception as a summer colony made up of cottages to its mature development as a permanent neighborhood. Within a limited area, virgin forests were transformed into estates, trappers cabins into cottages that in turn were enlarged, and in the final years, large homes with highly refined Greek Revival detailing were added to the community. [Mobile, AL]

Originally built in 1955 in Vermillion Hills (Levittown), a raised and expanded home on Vine Street recently set a record-high sale price ($590,000) for the neighborhood.

Ashburn, VA

Ashburn, Virginia: The area was originally known as Old Farmwell or Farmwell Station after a mansion owned by George Lee III. [ Loudoun County ].

April 2024

Clemson, SC

The City of Clemson began as the Village of Calhoun, a settlement that developed around the railroad tracks and contributed to the agricultural growth of upstate. [ Pickens County, South Carolina ]

Lilburn, GA

The City of Lilburn was originally known as McDaniel, but the name was changed in 1890 after Lilburn Trigg Myers, the son of the major stockholder of the Seaboard Airline Railroad, which had arrived that year. [ Gwinnett County, Georgia ]

Westmore;and Hills

Westmoreland Hills is a residential neighborhood of detached, single family homes built primarily from the 1930s through the 1960s. [ BethesdaMaryland '].

Lyon Park Historic District

The Lyon Park Historic District: Located approximately two-and-a-half miles from Washington, D.C., Lyon Park is a residential neighborhood in central Arlington County, Virginia.

East Brandywine Twp

East Brandywine Township: there were 16 single family resales in the township during the first quarter of 2024. Median days on market was 25 and the median sold price was $662,500. [ Chester County, PA ]

Woodlyn Crossing

In 2023 more Woodlyn Crossing owners sold their homes with Keller Williams Real Estate than all other real estate brokerages combined! [ Bucks County, PA ]

Normandy Neighborhood

The Normandy Neighborhood is a Philadelphia residential subdivision of Cape Cod style homes built beginning in the 1950s. During the first quarter of 2024, more Philadelphia owners sold their homes with Keller Williams Real Estate than #2 and #3 broklerages combined!

Woodland Place

Woodland Place Historic District and Middlesex Plat Historic District — early 20th century Streetcar Suburbs in Des Moines, Iowa.

Lynbrook, NY

The Village of Lynbrook, Nassau County, Long Island, NY.

Hammomd Wood Historic District

The Hammond Wood Historic District is an intact, architecturally cohesive example of Charles Goodman’s merchant builder subdivisions in Montgomery County, Maryland. It is one of only two sizable developments in Montgomery County where Goodman houses were exclusively built, and where the full scope of his vision for a suburban community can be seen. [ Silver Spring ]

LaFollette, TN

City of LaFollette: Prior to 1889, there was nothing but farm and woodland on the present site of the city. In 1889 a group of people from Frankfort, Kentucky, bought the land from a farmer named John Douglas to start developing the area's iron and coal reserves. [ Campbell County, TN ]

Move-on to Make a Difference: Community of 7,000
Did noted architect Christopher Alexander get it right? Are you yearning for a more-connected lifestyle? Why not get involved and relocate to a place where everybody can know your name? If you have been contemplating small-town life, consider these boroughs that surround suburban Philadelphia.

Neshaminy Woods

Neshaminy Woods is a residential neighborhood that has seen new homes built in every decade from the 1950s through the 1990s. Median age is circa 1958. [ Lower Southampton Twp, Bucks County, PA]

Kingston, NY

The city of Kingston, New York, located north of New York City along the Hudson River, adopted a new form-based code recently. According to local news reports, the form-based code is intended to mitigate the growing cost of housing in the city by allowing accessory dwelling units and new opportunities for infill development. [ ]

Imlaystown Historic Districtt

The Imlaystown Historic District is a mill village, founded no later than the opening of the 18th century, which had achieved nearly its present size by 1897 when a fire destroyed seven buildings (nearly all of the commercial section). The rebuilding following the fire was the last major period of construction. Since the principal buildings were rebuilt on their original locations and in a traditional style, Imlaystown has retained the appearance of a nineteenth century rural village. [ Upper Freehold Township, Monmouth County, NJ ]

Lebanon Historic Districtt

The Lebanon Historic District is representative of the small agglomerate settlements that developed throughout the region in the 18th and 19th centuries to serve the dispersed local agricultural population and, where favored by location, private travelers and commercial traffic moving over the early New Jersey highways.

Lebanon Borough, NJ

Lebanon, New Jersey was reported as the center of a 4.8 richter scale earthquake that occurred around 10:30am on April 5th, 2024. [ Hunterdon County ]

Library Park Historic District

The Library Park Historic District contains many fine examples of nineteenth and twentieth century architectural styles. It is one of the outstanding buildings in the district was designed by nationally prominent master architect, Daniel H. Burnham. The District is a virtual showcase of this era's architectural design. [ City of Kenosha Wisconsin ]

Rochester Indiana

City of Rochester — On Monday, October 11, 1909, citizens of the then Town of Rochester voted 446 to 213 to reorganize as a city of the fifth class. [ Fulton County, Indiana ]

Allouez Village

The Village of Allouez's governmental history can be understood as a series of choices made to avoid annexation from its large municipal neighbors, Green Bay and DePere. Decades before incorporation, Allouez sought to provide its citizens with services to compete for development with neighboring municipalities. This pattern was not uncommon in communities neighboring large cities in Wisconsin during the twentieth century. [ Brown CountyWI ]

North Broadway Street Historic District

The North Broadway Street Historic District is the city's most cohesive historic neighborhood, composed of a spectrum of domestic styles of the 19th and 20th centuries. [ De Pere City, Wisconsin ]

March 2024

Roland Park Historic District

Roland Park, named for Roland Thornberry, an English landowner in Baltimore County, had its beginnings in 1890 when William Edmunds decided to develop 100 acres and invited Edward H. Bouton, a developer from Kansas City. The architecture of the historic district typifies the romantic tastes of the turn of the century, with many examples of the Queen Anne, English Tudor, Georgian and Shingle styles.

Streetcar Suburns

Streetcar Suburbs
The introduction of the first electric-powered streetcar system in Richmond, Virginia, in 1887 by Frank J. Sprague ushered in a new period of suburbanization. The electric streetcar, or trolley, allowed people to travel in 10 minutes as far they could walk in 30 minutes.

Saint Elmos Historic DIstrict

The St. Elmo Historic District. Once an incorporated town, St. Elmo's boundaries are easily perceived and recognized; the former town limits now correspond to census tract 18. Originally developed as a streetcar suburb away from the Chattanooga city limits, the area was rural and somewhat isolated in the 1870s and 1880s when development first began to occur.

Fort Moorestown Historic District

The Moorestown Historic District: Moorestown, originally a village in Chester Township, Burlington County, was first settled in about 1682. The early settlers were Friends who located in the vicinity of springs near a ridge along which the village was to grow. These settlers and their Native American predecessors relied upon the upland wooded ridge for the diversity of natural foodstuffs and the availability of water.

Fort Oglethorpe Historic District

The Fort Oglethorpe Historic District is composed of some three dozen architecturally and historically significant buildings and several large, landscaped areas, all arranged according to a carefully ordered plan. [ Fort Oglethrope City, Georgia ]

Ratcliffe Logan Allison House

The City of Fairfax Historic District contains over forty properties that reflect the growth and development of the city’s downtown central business district from its initial founding to the early twenty‑first century. [ FairfaxVirginia ]

Burnett House

Harris County, Texas (home to Houston), grew by almost 54,000 people, the most of any U.S. county last year, with about two‑lthirds of the growth coming from births outpacing deaths. That natural increase of almost 34,700 people was the highest in the nation. [ ] ]

Laurel Park Historic District

The Laurel Park Historic District represents one of a number of historic areas in Sarasota, which often stand as clearly defined pockets of resources associated with the historical residential development of the early 20th century. [ SarasotaFlorida ]

huntsville, al

Huntsville, Alabama: Once a sleepy farming town, Huntsville gained national recognition during the Space Race of the 1960s and is now consistently among the fastest‑growing metro areas in Alabama. This according to U.S. News and World Report which placed the city number 2 on its 2023-24 list of Best Places to Live. [ Madison County ]

rainbow row, Charleston, SC

For the 11th year in a row (2023), Charleston, South Carolina was cited as the favorite city in the U.S. by Travel and Leisure magazine. The city is also included in the magazine's Hall of Fame for their WBA World's Best Awards.

Rockport, TX

The City of Rockport was incorporated in 1871, the year Aransas County was created from Refugio County. [ Texas ]

Pittsburg, CA

City of Pittsburg: The prime industrial base of the City came in 1911 with the opening of the first steel mill, and thus the final name change after the hub of the steel industry on the east coast: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. [ Contra Costa County, CA ]

Pittsburg, TX

City of Pittsburg, Camp County, TX: Spanish explorers traversed the area as early as 1542, but there were no strong attempts at permanent settlement until the 1820s. Lured by inexpensive and fertile lands, Anglo American settlers moved steadily into Mexican Texas under the empresario colonization system.

Bucks County, Pennsylvania: 25% of active, single family homes for sale in the county today (3/7/24) are priced at $1,000,000 and up.

Eau Claire Wisconsin

Located in Eau Claire County in the west central portion of the state, the site of the City of Eau Claire is dominated by two rivers, the Chippewa and the Eau Claire, which meet in its center.

February 2024

Wilmington north carolina

The City of Wilmington, North Carolina, situated on the elevated east side of the Cape Fear River, twenty-seven miles north of the point where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean, has been the focus of an important lumber, turpentine, shipbuilding and cotton producing region of the state for more than 275 years. [ New Hanover County ]

Forbes online Advisor pubished 10 Most Affordable Cities To Buy A Home In 2024

  1. Detroit, Michigan
  2. Cleveland, Ohio
  3. Toledo, Ohio
  4. Memphis, Tennessee
  5. Baltimore, Maryland
  6. Rochester, New York
  7. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  8. Montgomery, Alabama
  9. Buffalo, New York
  10. Kansas City, Kansas

Gamwyn Parl

The Gamwyn Park Historic District is a residential neighborhood in a park-like setting with thirty lots from the original plat in Greenville, Mississippi. [ Washington County ]

Lynncote Historic District

The Lynncote Historic District: encompasses a small group of residential properties associated with Emma Payne Erskine Corwin (1854‑1924), a noted author, artist, social activist, and real estate developer, . [ Town of Tryon, Polk County, NC ]

Irondequoit NY

The Town of Irondequoit: Incorporated in 1839 and located within the Greater Rochester Metropolitan Area, the town has been named the best market in the nation for first-time homebuyers for 2024 by [ Monroe County, NY ]

McIntire Terrace Historic District

McIntire Terrace Historic District: When nominated to the National Register in 1978, the Terrace remained a stable residential neighborhood of tree-lined streets paved with brick, a source of pride for the community and a significant example of an upper-class nineteenth-century neighborhood. [ City of Zanesville, Muskingum County, OH ]

McIntire Historic District

McIntire Historic District In 1981, the City of Salem named the district after Samuel McIntire. Encompassing Broad, Chestnut, Essex, Federal and connecting streets, the district showcases four centuries of architectural styles, from the mid-17th century through the early 20th century. [ Essex County, MA ]

Upper Dublin

Upper Dublin Township: In 2023, more township home owners and home buyers chose Keller Williams than any other real estate brokerage. [ Montgomery County, PA ]

The Forgotten Levittown
Willingboro Township, NJ was known as Levittown Township prior to the name change in 1963, Levitt's third-largest development (11,000 homes from 1958 to 1972) was built on 4,900 acres of former orchards and farms. The capes, colonials. ranches and evetually townhouses were originally priced from $8,900 to $14,500. [ Burlington County ]

Lower Makefield

Lower Makefield Township owns six historic resources: The Patterson/Brown House, the Patterson/Satterthwaite House, Elm Lowne, the Warren/Farringer House, the Dalgewicz/Slack House and the Five Mile Wood Nature Center House. [ Bucks County, PA ]

Oxford PA

The Borough of Oxford is designated as a "Classic Town" by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. It falls in the category of places we call You Can Get There from Here. Oxford is within 60 miles of Philadelphia , Baltimore and Harrisburg. Cities within 30 miles include Lancaster and West Chester, PA, along with Wilmington and Newark, DE.

January 2024

Dutcess Farm Estates

Dutchess Farm Estates is a residential subdivision of luxury homes in Upper Makefield Township. Homes sold in the past year had a median sold price over $1.7-million.

Makefield Brook, Yardley, PA

Record High Sale Price in Makefield Brook
Last month a home sold by Keller williams set an all-time high reslae price for this Toll Brothers neighborhood — just over $1‑million.

Stifft Station, Little Rock

The Stifft Station Historic District is the result of the development of the Stifft Addition and the active participation of the prominent local businessman and civic booster Charles Stifft in the growth of this portion of Little Rock's streetcar suburbs. [ Pulaski County, Arkansas ]

New Castle, Kentucky

City of New Castle. Located in the center of the county, the city was incorporated in 1817 and is the County Seat of Government for Henry County, Kentucky.

East Falls, Philadelphia

East Falls, a northwest Philadelphia neighborhood bordered by the Schuylkill River, is also know as simply "The Falls" or "The Falls of Schuylkill."

Honey Brook Township

Honey Brook Township and Honey Brook Borough lie in the northern end of Chester County along PA Route 322 (Horseshoe Pike). They worked together to create a multi-municipal comprehensive plan. In 2023 (not including manufactured homes) there were 59 home sales in the borough and township. The median sold price was $410,000 with a median time on market of just 5 days.

Charlotte, North Carolina

City of Charlotte, North Carolina — an article in Fox News Digital reports that multiple studies and real estate development experts note that the city was one of the most popular destinations for Americans to move to in 2023 because of its diverse economy, beauty, mild climate and affordability.

Samuels Farms, Warrington Township

East Falls: – circa 1951 Ranch on Herblew Road just sold by Lisa Longenbach, Realtor®, Keller Williams Real Estate, Langhorne, PA. [ Warrington Township ]

Sweetwater Farm Neighborhood, Honey Brook Township

Sweetwater Farm is a subdivision circa 2023-2024 of detached, single family residences by Rouse Chamberlin Homes. Home sold by Debra Granite, Realtor®, Keller Williams Real Estate, Doylestown, PA. [ Honey Brook Township, Chester County, PA ]

Reverie Cove, Bar Harbor, ME

The Harbor Lane-Edent Street Historic District is a compact 20 acre neighborhood that contains one of the last concentrations of architect designed summer cottages in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Founded in the 1970s by Bill Rouse and Steve Chamberlin, and located in Exton, Pennsylvania (West Whiteland Township), Rouse Chamberlin Homes continues building residences across the area.

Kokomo, IN

The Old Silk Stocking Historic District reflects a period of economic growth in City of Kokomo's past that lasted for more than three decades; the district serves as a living canvas depicting the popular architectural styles of the period.

Pine Grove, PA

The Borough of Pine Grove burgeoned between 1830 and 1862 with coal traffic on the Union Canal. Before 1830 Pine Grove had been an unincorporated village that included an iron forge, grist mill, tannery, saw mill and distillery, none of which survive today. In 1830 the Union Canal, which stretched from the Schuylkill River at Reading to the Susquehanna River at Middletown, completed a twenty‑two mile long feeder canal north from the main canal to Pine Grove. [ Schuylkill County, PA ]

It appears that the first home in Newtown Borough to sell for over $1-million was a 7 bedroom Georgian colonial in 2002. That year there were 27 resales in the boro with a median sold price of $303,500 and a median time on market of just ine week. Last year (2023) there were 17 resales with a median sold price of $850,000 and a median time on market of just 5 days. 5 of those homes sold for over $1-million.

Green Street District

The Green Street District is outstanding architecturally as a group of Victorian and Neo-Classical/Revival houses dating from the turn of the century, and historically as a statement of the prosperity of the agriculture and mining industries in the Gainesville, Georgia area. [Gainesville, GA]

December 2023

Grand Concourse Historic District

The Grand Concourse Historic District is architecturally significant for its intact concentration of early twentieth century apartment houses and institutional buildings erected along the southern portion of the Grand Concourse, a major speedway and parkway planned in 1893 to connect Central Park in Manhattan with the expansive parks of the north Bronx.[Bronx, NY]

Baptisttown Historic District

The Bapttistown Historic District is significant for its architectural styles associated with its more public buildings, including churches and Lincoln School. They provide a wide variety of styles from the first half of the 20th century. [Evansville, IN]

Tiffin, Ohio

The City of Tiffin was incorporated by an act of the Ohio Legislature on March 7, 1835. Fort Ball and Tiffin, split by the Sandusky River, were rivals; however, in 1850, seeing that later their interests lay together, the villages merged. Tiffin is the seat of government for Seneca County.

Washington-Willow Historic District

The Washington-Willow Historic District contains the highest concentration of significant structures worthy of preservation in Fayetteville. Various Victorian themes and 20th century period houses are included. [ Fayetteville, Arkansas ]

Central City Historic District

The Paul Laurence Dunbar School Neighborhood Historic District (also known as the Central City Neighborhood) is comprised of varied architectural styles prevalent during the latenineteenth and early-to-mid-twentieth centuries. Indeed, properties exhibit a broad mix of influences and architectural variants popular during the period, influenced by regional and ethnic traditions. [ Little Rock, Arkansas ]

Yell County

Out of 75 counties in the State of Arkansas, Yell County is one of ten that have dual county seats — Dardanelle and Danville.


Circa 1982 Colonial on Autumn Drive in the Norwalk Neighborhood (Newtown Township) sold by Keller Williams Real Estate, Langhorne, PA. [ Nadine Simantov, Associate Broker® ]

November 2023

Windy Bush

Circa 1982 three bedroom townhome in Middletown Township's Windy Bush community, just sold by Keller Williams, Newtown. [ The John McClintock Team, Realtors®; ]

Mortgage Rates: “In recent weeks, 30 year mortgage rates have dropped by half a percent to 7.29%, but potential homebuyers continue to hold out for lower rates and more inventory. This dynamic is reflected in the latest data showing that existing home sales have fallen to a thirteen-year low.” — Freddie Mac

Queens Grant

Queens Grant, Lower Makefield Township — Circa 1978 Colonial on Weber Drive, sold by Keller Williams Real Estate, Newtown, PA. [Grace Cass, The John McClintock Team, Realtors® ] Over the past 2 years the median time on market for homes sold in Queens Grant was 6 days. More than half of the sales were over list price.

Yardley Hunt

Yardley Hunt, a Toll Brothers subdivision. Photo: Circa 1976 Ranch on Dickinson Drive sold by Keller Williams Real Estate, Yardley, PA. [ The Mary Ann O'Keeffe Team, Realtors ] Over the past 2 years more than 75% of Yardley Hunt homes sold in one week or less. 70% of the sales were over list price.

The Stanardsville Historic District remains an important example of an intact courthouse town in the heart of Central Virginia. The architectural character and integrity of its buildings, urban patterns and open spaces express the evolving periods of the town's history. [ Greene County, VA ]

The Markham Historic District is remarkable collection of both antebellum and late-19th-century architecture as well as an important place in Virginia's history and the Civil War played by several of its leading residents. [ Fauquier County, VA ]

October 2023

Northampton Township, Bucks County: September Year-Over-Year Existing Homes Sold. The median sold price rose nearly 20% to $600,000. There was one less home sold (26/25) which sold in 2 days less time, 6 vs. 8 days. In 2022 the highest sold price was $990,000; in 2023, four of the homes sold for more than $1,000,000.

Kackson, MS

The Belhaven Historic District is a primarily residential neighborhood which developed as the population of the City of Jackson grew from the 1910s through the 1960s. The growth was aided by the expansion of the street car as it extended north from the downtown core of Jackson and later the availability of the automobile, allowing owners to not have to rely on the street car line for transportation to the city center. [ Hinds County, MS ]/

Lumberville Historic District

The 10 most expensive homes for sale in Bucks County (10/17) are priced from $5,600.000 to $14,500,000. Half of the homes are located in Solebury Township; two are located in Buckingham Township; and the others, one each in New Hope Borough, Tinicum Township and Upper Makefield Township. The homes have from 5 to 7 bedrooms with 5 yo 11 baths. The median lot size is approximately 25 acres.

Robesonia Furnace Historic District

Robesonia Furnace began with the establishment of Reading Furnace at the same location in 1794 by George Ege, who also owned nearby Charming Forge. Ore for the furnace came from the Cornwall Mines twenty five miles distant in Lebanon County. [ Robesonia Borough, Berks /County, PA ]

Alumni-Latham-Mooreland Historic District

The Alumni-Latham-Mooreland Historic District is Hopkinsville's most representative collection of early 20th century architectural styles. [ Christian County, KY ]

Tipton County Courthouse

The City of Covington, TN was established as Tipton County's seat of government on December 11, 1824. The town was incorporated in 1826. It was named in honor of General Leonard Wales Covington, a native of Maryland who was mortally wounded in the Battle of Chrystler's Field.

Island Home Park Historic District

The Island Home Park Historic District is a five and one-half block streetcar suburb neighborhood in south Knoxville. The district is composed of properties in an area along Island Home Boulevard (divided by a median strip where the streetcar ran), Spence Place, Fisher Place and Maplewood Drive.

Adair Gardens Historic District

The Adair Gardens Historic District shows a transition between dependence on streetcar transportation (see streetcar suburbs) and the private automobile (see automobile suburbs). The buildings in the district are primarily single family dwellings, which occupy relatively small lots with mature landscape plantings. [ Knoxville, TN ]

Ocoee Street Historic District

The Ocoee Street Historic District began developing as a residential area as a result of the opening of the Centenary College (now Lee College) in 1884-85. [ Cleveland, TN ]

The Philadelphia Metropolitan Area has historically been a relatively more affordable market, but the continued pressure on prices and climbing mortgage rates have hindered buyers. At $355,000, the median price for September is roughly 46% higher than it was before the pandemic. [Bright, MLS]

Sunwood Farm is a residential subdivision of detached, single family homes in Phoenixville (Schuylkill&nsp;Township). It;s first round of resales began around 1992 with sold prices in the $400 thousand dollars range. In 2023 resale first topped $1,000,000. [ Chester County, PA ]

Indiana Historic District

The Indiana Avenue Historic District is the largest and most representative collection of late 19th and early 20th century architecture in Maryville. This section of the city was settled after 1880 and the majority of properties in the district were built prior to 1930. [ Blount County, TN ]

September 2023

Wyoming, OH

The City of Wyoming provides an exceptional visual record of metropolitan suburban development from the middle of the 19th century to the Depression. [ Hamilton County, OH ]

Henry Albertson Historic District

The Henry Albertson Historic District is a concentration of well-preserved single and twin houses constructed circa 1884 to 1940 on parts of five blocks in Lansdowne Borough, Delaware County, PA.

Bucks County Million $ Home Resales Average 1 Per Day — Over the past 6 months nearly half of these homes were on the market for one week or less. (Median days on market was 8 days). The median sold price was $1,250,000. The highest price paid was $5.5-million for a 9-1/2 acre equestrian estate in Upper Makefield Township.

Chicago Historic District

Avalon Park Bungalow Historic District—the development of the Avalon Park neighborhood in the 1910s and 20s was characterized by the rise and enormous popularity of Chicago bungalow neighborhoods between 1907 and the early 1930s. During the first three decades of the twentieth century, Chicago's population doubled as an additional 1.5 million residents settled into the city. [ Cook County, IL ]

August 2023

Wildwood, NJ

The City of Wildwood is situated on a barrier island known as the Wildwoods, which also includes the neighboring communities of North Wildwood and Wildwood Crest.. [ Cape May County, NJ ]

Town of Lancaster

The Town of Lancaster was first granted to Captain David Page and others in 1763, an early settlement on the northern portion of the Connecticut River. The town was subject to many Indian troubles, and a grant renewal was issued in 1769. [ Coos County, NH ]

Town of Frankford

Town of Frankford was established sometime between 1796 and 1820. Research on Frankford's early history shows that the land on which Frankford grew was part of the tract known as Dagsworthy's Conquest. It was resurveyed to General John Dagsworthy under the Penn Title in 1774. [ Sussex County, Delaware ]

William Russell House

City of Lewes — when the National Trust for Historic Preservation included Lewes on its 2006 list of A Dozen Distinctive Destinations, the organization referred to the City as "a town made for walking ... with its small, cypress-shingled homes that line narrow streets, Colonial Dutch vernacular architecture, and stately Victorians." [ Sussex County, Delaware ]

Mashpee, MA

The Mashpee Historic DIstrict rural town center arrangement is atypical of the more common densely settled Cape Cod or New England town center that often has buildings organized along a main street commercial area or around a town common. [ Town of Mashpee, Barnstable County, MA ]

July 2023

J. Brightman House, circa 1902

The Village of Millersburg is the seat of government for Holmes County, Ohio. Accounting for approximately half of the county population, it is claimed to be the largest concentration of Amish/Mennonites in the U.S.

Hulmeville Historic District

The Hulmeville Historic District remains an important collection of vernacular buildings in lower Bucks County. It is also significant in county history as a commercial and industrial center, and an important resort area.

Bristol Historic District

The Bristol Historic District contains a varied and distinguished collection of residential, commercial, and institutional architecture dating from the.early eighteenth century to the mid 1930s. The district encompasses the original town of Bristol, laid out 1n 1697, and the residential neighborhoods, both working class and upper class, that extend northeast from the original town line along the banks of the Delaware River.

West Oak Lane

The West Oak Lane neighborhood was settled initially in the 1700s with farms and mills. The introduction of the Broad Street Subway in the 1920s spurred the first population and commercial boom in West Oak Lane including the development of row homes and commercial corridors along Ogontz Avenue, Broad Street, and Stenton Avenue. Not until the 1940s and 1950s in Post World War II years did large-scale housing development dominate the area. [ City of Philadelphia ]

Annapolis, MD

Downtown Annapolis offers many historic inns, three of which are included on the National Trust for Historic Preservation "Historic Hotels of America" program. For those who want 'total immersion' in the historic Annapolis experience, check out: Governor Calvert House, Robert Johnson House, or the Maryland Inn; for details visit [  Anne Arundel County, MD ]

Dewey Beach, Delaware

Dewey Beach is a unique mid-Atlantic barrier island with amenities, a small-town ambience, and a walkable community. Today, Dewey Beach hosts an eclectic mix of full-time and seasonal residents, boasts a vibrant tourist trade, and has become a popular summer destination for more than 30,000 visitors each week. [ Sussex County, Delaware ]

Point Chautauqua Historic District

The Point Chautauqua Historic District has a long and varied history as a summer community on Lake Chautauqua. Initially developed (1876) as a Baptist camp meeting ground in the tradition of nearby Chautauqua Institution (and numerous other examples across New York state).

Oxford MD Historic District

The Oxford Historic District's housing stock is representative of the priorities and livelihoods of town residents for the past 230 years. Oxford's oldest structures, the Barnaby house and a portion of the Robert Morris Inn, reflect third quarter of the eighteenth-century frame building traditions and finishes. [ Talbot County, MD ]

Seneca, SC

The City of Seneca was chartered in 1873 and incorporated on March 14, 1874, as Seneca City, a name derived from the 1700's village, Esseneca, inhabited by the indigenous Cherokee people and located on the banks of the nearby Seneca River. [ Oconee County, SC ]

June 2023

Reading, PA

“Homes are selling quickly in Reading, and in Berks County, because people know it’s a great place to live,” noted Jason Burkholder, president of the Reading-Berks County Association of Realtors. “We’ve got the perfect blend of opportunity, where a community on the rise still offers a chance for great homes at affordable prices and plenty of appreciation in the future as we grow.” [ Pennsylvania Association of Realtors  ]

Media Borough

Borough of Media: Known as "Everybody's Hometown," this seat of Delaware County is a family-friendly suburb just 13 miles from Philadelphia. It is one of the most walkable communities around. Residents stroll along tree-lined sidewalks, heading downtown or to one of the three elementary schools in town. Once downtown, there’s lots to do including shops, restaurants and a theater. You can also hop on the main street trolley if you need to give your feet a break. [ Suburban Jungle: Love Where You Live ].

Dorrance Mansion

The Dorrance Mansion is a three story, three bay, rectangular brick Italianate style residence, built in one section in 1862-1863, located at 300 Radcliffe Street in Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania.

Three Decker Style

Regionally specific, the Three-Decker (also known as triple-decker) refers to a multi-family housing unit that developed in response to the demands of the New England textile industry.

Westborough, MA

The Town of Westborough is a historic community established in 1717 as the One-Hundredth Town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Together with our advantageous location and quick access to Boston, less than 30 miles; Providence, 45 miles; and, New York, 180 miles, Westborough has become a desirable location in New England. [ Worcester County ]

Hawthorne, NJ

The Borough of Harthorne was incorporated by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 24, 1898. Dr. Sylvester Utter was elected the first mayor of this community. [ Passaic County ]

Clarksville, Indiana

The Clark-McKinley Historic District is composed of approximately two dozen compact houses constructed during the 1940s in the southwest corner of the Greenacres Subdivision first platted in 1928. [ Clarksville, IN ]

Waycross, GA

Admaries, which specializes in industrialized manufacturing of buildings and homes, plans to construct its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Waycross, Georgia. The company expects to create over 1,400 new jobs and invest $750 million in Ware County.

Waycross, GA

The Waycross Historic District is well-represented by several styles of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, although Victorian elements are predominant throughout. In fact, the majority of houses in this area were probably built around 1880-1895.

Hillcrest Historic District, Little Rock

The Hillside Historic District — Aside from a few farms, the earliest development in the neighborhood took place in the 1890s, when a group of Michigan investors acquired 800 acres of hilly, heavily wooded property about a mile northwest of the City of Little RockPulaski County, AR ].

May 2023

Hebron Center Historic District

The Town of Morocco is a part of Beaver Township, Newton County, Indiana. The Township oversees a number of services and amenities in the Town of Morocco.

High Street Historic District, Burlington, NJ

The High Street Historic District is the core of the original capital of West Jersey, its major street pattern virtually unaltered since 1677 when the City of Burlington, was founded. [ Burlington County, NJ ]

Minersville Historic District

Ronks is a small farming community in East Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, PA.

Ronks, Pennsylvania

The Minersville Historic District includes the cluster of company houses built by the Cambria Iron Company during the 1880s, each in an identical vernacular design. [City of Johnstown, Cambria County, PA]

Kent Neighborhood

The dozen homes sold so far this year in the prestigious Kent Neighborhood of Washington, D.C. ranged from $1.2‑million to $4.3‑million ($1.7‑million, median). The median time on market was just over one week (8 days).

Oak Hall Historic District

The Oak Hall Historic District consists of the western portion of the small village of Oak Hall in College Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania.

Gulfport, MS

City of Gulport, MS — by 1902 the entire stock of the Gulf & Ship Island R.R. had passed into his hands of Captain J. T. Jones and within a few months the town of Gulfport became a city of 5,000 population. [Harrison [;County]

Hebron Center Historic District

The Hebron Center Historic District is architecturallu signoificant; many of its buildings are well-preserved and embody the distinctive characteristics of particular architectural periods and styles. The Federal style of the early 19th century is particularly well-represented. [Town of Hebron, Tolland County, CT]

Pelican Island Refuge

Sebastian City is home to the Pelican Island National Wikdlife Refuge. [ Indian River County, FL ]

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