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Woodbine City

Camden County, Georgia

Woodbine City Hall is located at 310 Bedell Avenue, Woodbine, GA 31569.
Phone: 912‑576‑3211.


The area that would become Woodbine City was first settled as a plantation ca. 1808. James King Bedell purchased the land after the Civil War. In 1893 Bedell sold a right-of-way through the plantation to the railroad on the condition that the first town to develop along the railroad be named Woodbine (for the plantation). Thus, a Town of Woodbine was incorporated in 1908. In 1927 the Atlantic Coast Highway was built through the area and the following year (1928) the county seat was relocated to Woodbine. The town was re-incorporated as the City of Woodbine in 1953. [www.woodbinegeorgia.net, Woodbine History, accessed July, 2015]