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Fayetteville City

Fayette County, Georgia

Fayetteville City Hall is located at 240 South Glynn Street, Fayetteville, GA 30214.
Phone: 770‑461‑6029.


Fayetteville was created for the purpose of serving as the county seat of Fayette County which was created in 1821. Fayetteville was incorporated as a town in 1823.

Fayetteville as described in 1860 [1]

Since the people have patronized and built up good schools here of a high grade, the town has been growing; no inland town will increase much without the aid of schools, and no people need to wonder or complain that their place is small, if they fail to nurture and encourage schools. The last Te deum in the temple of ignorance has been sung to its idol; the light of science is pouring its beams with such brightness upon the eyeballs of its worshippers, that they will be compelled to see even against their inclination. Not a place to retail liquors in the county! Whitewater post-office in S. E., Glengrove in the S. W., and Red Oak in the North, are all that are now in the county, except at the Courthouse.

Mr. Looney has a celebrated Academy here, at the Courthouse; he has written a good arithmetic, and publishes a weekly paper.

[Named] in memory of the Marquis de La Fayette, a native of France, who came to this country in 1777, to help us to achieve our Independence. La Fayette was promoted to high military office (major general), was in several battles, the confidant of Washington, and received the tendered sword of Cornwallis when he surrendered at Yorktown 1781.

  1. Adiel Sherwood, A Gazetteer of Georgia, 4th edition, Macon, Griffin and Atlanta, 1860.

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