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Houghs Neck

Quincy City, Norfolk County, MA

Hough's Neck is a northeastern peninsular community named for Atherton Hough, who was granted the land in 1636 for use as a farm and orchard. He was a farmer and also kept an orchard.

The Hough's Neck community is approximately one mile square, and it is comprised of 4 distinct sub-neighborhoods: Great Hill, Rock Island Cove, Rock Island Head, and The Willows.

The first homes were built about the late 1800s, attracted by the shoreline, beaches, boating and natural beauty. This was once a summer resort home to summer cottages, summer mansions and summer hotels, of which few survived. Today Hough's Neck neighborhoods are settled, residential communities.

Street Names
2nd Avenue • 7th Avenue • Allerton Street • Babcock Street • Bay View Avenue • Bayswater Road • Bell Street • Bird Street • Brighton Street • Brinsley Street • Camden Place • Camden Street • Casco Street • Chapel Street • Charles Street • Crosby Street • Darrow Street • Edgewater Drive • Fensmere Avenue • Freca Road • Harveys Lane • Hawthorne Street • Homestead Avenue • Hood Street • Hooper Street • Huntress Street • Island Avenue • Jewett Street • Joseph Street • Kilby Street • Lakeside Avenue • Lee Street • Lenox Street • Littlefield Street • Macy Street • Madeleine Street • Malvern Street • Manet Avenue • Marine Street • Marshfield Street • Maxim Place • Mears Avenue • Newton Street • Nut Island Avenue • Orleans Street • Oswego Street • Parkhurst Street • Passageway Street • Pawsey Street • Peterson Road • Ratchford Circle • Rhoda Street • Riverview Street • Rock Island Road • Rockland Street • Rogers Lane • Sea Street • Shennen Street • Spring Street • Spring Terrace • Stoughton Street • Thomas Street • Turner Street • Vest Road • Winthrop Place • Winthrop Street

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