Newport Town

Sullivan County, New Hampshire

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Newport Town Hall is located at 15 Sunapee Street, Newport NH 03773.
Phone: 603‑863‑1877.


Beginnings [1]

Near the middle of the 18th century a trapper, by the name of Eastman, left his home in Killingworth, Connecticut, and followed the course of the Connecticut River until he came to a stream running into it, now called the Sugar River. Finding beaver and otter in abundance, he trapped on the south branch of the Sugar, and on a brook running through a meadow. Eastman was the first white man who entered this town. Having been successful in trapping, he returned to his native place and gave his friends a description of this part of the country, which led some of them to apply for a charter, preparatory to setting out for what was then a wild, uninhabited land, save for the Indians. Eastman, after disposing of his furs, again set out for the new country, but he never returned. The early settlers found the bones of a man, which led some to think that Eastman had been killed by Indians.

The charter of the township of Newport was granted October 6, 1761, by George II, King of England. In it was stated that the first meeting of the proprietors should be held on the third Tuesday of November, 1761, for the purpose of electing officers — Mr. George Harris to act as moderator.

There were 62 original land grantees. They obtained their land through a committee chose at Killingworth, December 25, 1764.

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