San Juan County, New Mexico

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The County Clerk's Office is located at, 100 South Oliver Drive, Suite 200, Aztec, NM 87410; Phone: (505) 334-9471


The first record of non-native inhabitants and claim to the area dates to 1598 when Spain claimed a portion of present-day New Mexico as Santa Fe de Nuevo México, a kingdom of the Spanish Empire in New Spain. In 1610. [†]

In 1850, the Four Corners area was all part of Rio Arriba County, which stretched from the eastern to western borders of the territory. In 1863, the territory was split and created the familiar boundaries of southern Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. About that time, part of Rio Arriba County was split to cover the area of present-day San Juan and Rio Arriba counties- but in 1887 (25 years before New Mexico Statehood) Rio Arriba County was split in two, forming San Juan County. San Juan County (the organization) has served the people of the area since then. 

† History,, accessed August, 2022.


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