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Beaver County, < href="/UT.html">Utah


Beaver County administrative offices are located at 105 East Center Street, Beaver UT 84713; phone: 435-438-6463.

Early settlers arrived about 1856 and built log cabins along the Beaver River. Beaver County was created in 1886 by the Territorial Legislature of Utah. Utah Central Railroad came as far south as Milford by the 1880s.

Famous natives of Beaver County include Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of the first, fully electronic television and video camera tube; also, the legendary "Butch Cassidy" was born here.

Beaver County is huge (more than 2,500 sq. miles) and the Beaver Vallet is cold ( its common for frosts to occur as early as September, and as late as June. In fact, the growing season averages barely more than 100 days a year.