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Accomac Town

Accomack County, Virginia

Accomac Town Hall is located at 23367 Front Street, Accomac, VA 23301.
Phone: 757-789-5171.

The Town of Accomac grew up around John Coke's Tavern at Freemason's Plantation where court was first held in the 1670s. The crossroads settlement, originally called Matompkin, has served as the county seat as well as the area's social and commercial hub for nearly three centuries. A central location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay has favored greatly the development of the town. By 1690 the county seat was firmly established at this location possibly because of accessibility by water from both the ocean and the bay. In Colonial Virginia, the dite of the county courthouse served as the focal point of political and social life, where all those having court business met on a regular basis. The court met for many years at various locations until it settled and the permanent location was renamed, Accomac.