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Appomattox Town

Appomattox County, Virginia

Appomattox Town Hall is located at 210 Linden Street, Appomattox, VA 24522.
Phone: 434-352-8268

Appomattox County Historical Park

Appomattox Court House Historical Park. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1966. Photographed by User:Doug Coldwell (own work), 2007, [cc-3.0], accessed July, 2022.

Beginnings [†]

Most people immediately associate the Town of Appomattox with the Civil War. A vision of Robert E. Lee meeting Ulysses S. Grant on a foggy morning in April of 1865 is what comes to mind if one has ever even heard of this small town of 1,743 residents. The Town was first named "Nebraska" in 1855, then "West Appomattox" in 1895—presumably named for the Appomattox River. The town is the county seat of Appomattox County, a rural county made up of only 15,166 residents—or 45 residents per square mile. To give some context, Campbell County has 108/square miles, Bedford County has 90/square miles, Amherst County has 67/square miles.

The town is located three miles west of the restored historic village of Appomattox Court House—the actual site of Confederate General Robert E. Lee's surrender to Union General Ulysses S. Grant on April 9, 1865. The village of Appomattox Court house is preserved by the National Park Service.

The Town of Appomattox prides itself on being a close knit community. The community of 1,743 has come together every year since 1973, along with county and regional residents, to celebrate the Appomattox Railroad Festival—a huge two day festival in downtown Appomattox that commemorates the Norfolk & Western Railroad's donation of the Appomattox Depot to the Town of Appomattox.

Neighbors greet neighbors on the street just as their forefathers greeted each other 4 and 5 generations ago. Many of the names found in historical documents of the town are still around today—the first postmaster of Appomattox (formerly known as Nebraska) was Samuel D. McDearmon—the great, great grandfather of C. Lewis McDearmon, Jr. who presently serves on the Town Council. Any visitor to Appomattox that walks up and down the charming Main Street immediately feels relaxed and mesmerized by the slow, old town feel that permeates the air.

† Town of Appomattox Planning Commission, Comprehensive Plan 2035, created 2015, www.townofappomattox.com, accessed July, 2022.