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Louisa Town

Louisa County, Virginia

Louisa Town Hall is located at 212 Fredericksburg Avenue, Louisa, VA 23093.
Phone: 540‑967‑1400.


The Town of Louisa was incorporated in 1873 at which time there were about 250 inhabitants, 4 churches, a hotel, 7 lawyers, a druggist, a saddler, a milliner, a confectioner, a lumber firm, a music store, 7 general stores, a liquor dealer, a grocer, a flour mill, a distiller, and a tinner. The first town board of trustees included: George J. Sumner, Hyman Levy, F. W. Jones, Jesse W. Melton, Henry W. Murray, Dr. Gulielmus Smith and Samuel H. Parsons. George J. Sumner was elected mayor and chairman of the council. [1]

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