Bungalow Style – popular 1920‑1940

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Bungalow in Houseton Texas

Photo: Bungalow style house in Houston, Texas. photographer, wikipedia username: Ed Uthman, 2011, [cc-3.0], via wikimedia commons, accessed May, 2022.

More Architectural House Styles

A house form that was often sold in prefabricated packages was the bungalow. It is usually one or one-and- one-half stories, often with a large central roof dormer. Front porches frequently are contained within the overall roof form. Materials vary for bungalows and include wood siding, wood shingles, brick, stone, stucco, and combinations of the above. The selection of materials and the decorative details often relate to the stylistic version of the bungalow design. Variations include Craftsman, Tudor, or simple vernacular.

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