Carpenter Gothic Style – popular mid 1800s-1940

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oak hill cottage

Photo: Oak Hill Cottage, 310 Springmill Street, Mansfield, OH, built circa 1847. Brick home with carpenter gothic trim probably added some years after the home was built. Photo by wikipedia user:OHWiki, 2007, public domain.

More Architectural House Styles

Carpenter Gothic (sometimes known as Rural Gothic) are residential structures that adapted Gothic elements such as pointed arches, steep gables. The style blossomed in the design of small churches in the late 19th century.

The printing of Andrew Downing's "The Architecture of Country Houses" in 1850 promoted Carpenter's Gothic style and he believed that living in a home purposefully decorated would make you morally good. This may have been an inspiration to our past religious groups who found such pride in their elaborately decorated homes with wood details. From the Methodist camp movement, to the Pilgrim Holiness storefront church, to the Baptist Church Skating Park, there is no doubt that the architecture and the Town of Northampton [†] as a whole has been directly affected by religion.

Heritage Landscapes,, Fulton County, New York, accessed June, 2021.

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