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Robert Edmund Williams

Robert Edmund Williams, Architect [1864-????]

Robert Edmund Williams [†] was born January 16, 1874, in Hespeler, Ontario, Canada and arrived in Los Angeles in 1895. There is evidence that a brother, Norman, had come to Los Angeles the previous year (1894) and that Robert Edmund's appearance was part of a Williams family exodus out of Canada. Robert's father, William Williams, a clergyman (born in 1836), and mother, Mary Burman Williams (born in 1834), joined their sons, Robert and Norman, in Los Angeles in 1899. The four lived together at 1040 31st Street. At a later unknown date, Robert married Annie Pierce, a Canadian. Whether she moved in with the family Williams is unknown. At any rate, in a 1930 census, Robert, age 56, was no longer married to Annie. He had a different wife, Jean K. (born circa 1887), and a young daughter, Lois (born circa 1925) and they now lived at 802 North Avenue 66, Highland Park. See Robert Farquhar Train, architect, — parter/collaborater.

† Liza Ellzey and Urik Theer, Holmes-Shannon House, Los Angeles County, CA, nomination document, 2007, National Park Service, National Register of Historic Places, Washington, D.C.