Ledyard Town

New London County, Connecticut

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Ledyard Town Hall is located at 741 Colonel Ledyard Highway, Ledyard, CT 06339.
Phone: 860‑464‑8740.


Ledyard, named for Colonel William Ledyard, was set off from Groton in 1836. Ledyard was the heroic Commander at Fort Griswold on the fatal sixth of September, 1781.

Beginnings [1]

The Town of Ledyard, formerly the North Society of Groton, and earlier still a part of the Town of New London, is situated in the southeast central part of New London County. The Ecclesiastical Society (North Society) was formed in 1725 and upon the erection of a meeting house was begun in 1727. While the North Society was quite independent of those in the southern part of town, they were still associated with them in town affairs and remained so a great many years. A little previous to the American Revolutionary War, as well as during the war, the subject of forming a new town out of the North Society was considerably agitated. But after the massacre at Fort Griswold, in which large numbers of leading men in both Societies were slain, and those who remained were drawn into closer sympathy with each other than they had been, the matter was laid aside. In after years it came up again from time to time; but for one reason or another the project failed, until at last it was consummated in 1836.

  1. Reverend John Avery, History of the Town of Ledyard, 1650-1900, Noyes & Davis, Norwich, CT 1901.

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