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Butts County, Georgia

Butts County Neighborhoods

Butts County administrative offices are located at 625 Third Street, Jackson, GA 30233; phone: 770-775-8200.


Butts County [1] was created by an act of the Georgia General Assembly on December 24, 1825. It was Georgia's 64th county.

At the same time Butts County was created on December 24, 1825, the General Assembly passed an act to incorporate the Butts County Academy. Justices of the Inferior Court were asked to select seven trustees for the school and identify a parcel of land for the school. Schools at this time were not intended to educate the masses, but to cater to the children of the wealthier class. At first the academy was used only by those who lived nearby, could afford to board their children there, or afford transportation to and from the school.

The first courthouse of Butts County was built out of logs and situated on North Oak Street between Second and First streets where a city parking lot exists now. The cost of the building was $120. It was there in May 1827 that the first murder trial in the county took place: Ludwell Watts of Monroe County was on trial for the murder of Denton Daniel. Watts was found guilty based on circumstantial evidence and sentenced to hang on August 12 of that year. When the day came, he was hanged in the vicinity of the intersection of Third and Indian Springs streets. A large crowd gathered to witness the execution.

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