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Colquitt County, Georgia

Colquitt County administrative offices are located at 101 East Central Avenue, Moultrie, GA 31768; phone: 229-616-7404.


Colquitt County [1] was chartered in 1856.

Named after Walter T. Colquitt who was a lawyer, senator and Methodist preacher, at its early inception, Colquitt County was viewed by state officials as "practically useless" due to its sandy soils and its abundance of pine trees, which were of little value at the time. In the years to come though, Colquitt County would prove that description wrong. With an ample supply of trees, the County soon began to show its worth by emerging as a relevant player in the business of timber. Created from land from Thomas and Lowndes County in 1856, the County was originally 547.5 square acres and had a population of approximately 1,360 people in 1860. During that time, land could be purchased for 50 cents per acre. The population didn't really begin to boom until after the civil war, from the year 1875 until 1895. Aside from the booming timber business and off shoot businesses that included sawmill and turpentine industries, many residents made a living in the business of agriculture, growing cotton and tobacco. However, by 1910 all of the timber had been exhausted. At that point the County focused its attention on other agricultural products it could produce. The County has continued with large agricultural products throughout the years, which has made them the County with highest agricultural yield in the State.

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