Henry County, Georgia

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Henry County Neighborhoods

The Henry County Courthouse is located at 1 Courthouse Square, McDonough, GA 30253; phone: 770-288-8022.

Established in 1821 the county is named for Patrick Henry [1736-1799] who led Virginia's movement for independence during the 1770s and served as governor of the state for two terms.

Population in Henry County increased 70% during the decade (2001-2010) making it one of the top 10 fastest-growing counties in the nation for that period.

Among the very first to come to the county were John Glen, Soloman Strickland and Wiley Heflin who settled on the Towaliga River. Aaron Woodward Elisha Blissit and Thomas McClendon came from Walton County about the same time, and settled on the Hampton road southwest of McDonough. Wade Turner and Roddy Harper went to the eastern part of the county and Mr. Hinton to Cotton Indian River. Mr. Frank Pearson, the progenitor of Mrs. Charles Bankston, of McDonough, settled east of McDonough, as did also William Wood. Thomas Russell came from South Carolina to McDonough. Jethro Barnes settled at Snapping Shoals, Jacob Hinton at Whitehouse, Parker Eason on the Towaliga River. John Dailey came from North Carolina to McDonough. Ezekiel Cloud came from Putnam in 1824. He was a distinguished Revolutionary soldier. Wade Turner came from Jasper County. His brother Allen Turner was a Methodist preacher of prominence, who once came within one vote of being made a bishop. He was so fired with the zeal of his work that he would inquire about the spiritual welfare of everyone he met, and was frequently known to hold prayer services by the roadside with chance passers-by. The Clements family came from Virginia to McDonough. Benjamin and Barton Crabbe came from Wiles County. Samuel Weems settled near Bear creek. Elijah Foster, from whom Mrs. J. B. Dickson is a lineal descendent, came from Virginia and settled near Jonesboro. The Copelands came from South Carolina in 1826. John Stillwell came from Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Dr. Tye accompanied him about 1830. William Berry came in 1836 and settled west of McDonough. John Crockett came in 1840. W. A. Stewart came from South Carolina with his parents in 1833, aged four years. Abel Lemon came from South Carolina to Georgia in 1813, and later entered Henry County. Alexander Price came from Virginia and settled near Flippen. His original home is still in possession of the family. John Cox came to McDonough in 1838, some years after his brother Oliver. John Ward came from Putnam in 1845 and settled at Lovejoy. Q. R. Nolan came in 1846, Miss Pamelia Campbell came in 1848 and settled in McDonough. J. M. Carmichael came in 1849, and settled west of McDonough. Thomas Speer came in 1852. Col. C. T. Zachary in 1854, A. R. Brown in 1873. [1]

  1. History of Henry County. May 1821-1921, compiled and printed by Wiley A. Clements, www.shingleroof.org, accessed August, 2011.

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