Teton County, Idaho

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The Teton County courthouse is located at 150 Courthouse Drive, Driggs, ID 83422; phone: 208-354-8780.

Teton County [1], Idaho is a rural community of approximately 10,000 people with an area of 450 square miles in Southeastern Idaho west of Grand Teton National Park and southwest of Yellowstone National Park. It has large unincorporated areas and three incorporated cities: Tetonia, Victor, and Driggs (the County seat). Teton County is often called "Teton Valley" or "Teton Basin" since the majority of the land is located on the valley floor between the Teton Range to the east and the Big Hole Mountains to the west and includes the headwaters of the Teton River located in the Snake River Mountain Range to the south. During the early 1800s, this area was referred to as Pierre's Hole in honor of "le grand Pierre" Tivanitagon and was a hub of the northern Rocky Mountains fur trade. Beginning in the late 1800s, the County became a small agricultural community settled by Mormon pioneers, many descendants of whom still live in the community today. Close-knit families and church communities were especially important to the early settlers and these values are still significant to Teton County residents.

In addition to families who have been in the Valley for generations, the population includes a mix of individuals and families who are part-time residents, transplants from other parts of the country and Hispanic residents. Many common values exist among these diverse groups and these values are the basis for creating a clear path for the future.

Teton County, Idaho is closely tied in many ways to its neighbor Teton County, Wyoming. Physically, the two counties share a common border and view of the Teton Range, most notably the peaks of the Grand Teton, Mount Owen, Middle Teton and South Teton. Grand Targhee Resort, which lies in Wyoming, is one of the largest employers in the area and can only be accessed through Teton County, Idaho. Additionally, a large portion of the Teton County, Idaho population is supported economically by businesses in Teton County, Wyoming, as many residents commute over Teton Pass to Jackson for employment.

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