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McPherson City

McPherson County, Kansas

The McPherson Municipal Complex (City Hall) is located at 400 East Kansas Avenue, McPherson KS 67460.
Phone: 620‑245‑2535.

Founded in 1872 and named for Civil War Union General, James McPherson. McPherson received mortal wounds during the 1864 Battle of Atlanta.

In 1887 McPherson lost (to Topeka) a bid to become the State Capitol. McPherson became "well connected" in the late 1800s with branches opened here by the Santa Fe and Union Pacific Railroads (1879) and the Missouri Pacific and Rock Island Railroads (1888).

McPherson for its size (approx. 15,000 residents) has an abundance of parks, 12 in all, ranging in size from 2 to 60 acres.