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Louisville City, Jefferson County, KY

Bellemeade is one of 83 incorporated taxing jurisdictions comprised of about 60,000 properties within Jefferson County, Kentucky. These municipalities are separate cities within the larger metropolitan city limits of Louisville. These 2nd class through 6th class municipalities have their own governments with elected officials and councils. "Satellite Cities" may provide various government services and expanded amenities to citizens such as dedicated police and fire services, sanitary and recycling services, and/or parks. Citizens that reside in a satellite city may have a separate tax bill or an additional tax rate applied to their tax bill to pay for these services.

Moorgate is a 1950s residential subdivision located within the former City of Bellemeade.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Street Names
Bellemeade Road • Blaine Road • Chadwick Road North • Charing Cross Road • Dorchester Road • Hampton Road South • Hampton Road South • Hollinswood Road • Holston Road • Route 60 • Shelbyville Road • Tristan Road • Whipps Bend Road • Whipps Mill Road • Woodcleft Road