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Eaton County, Michigan


Eaton County administrative offices are located at 1045 Independence Boulevard, Charlotte, MI 48813; phone: 517-543-7500.

Eaton County [1] was established in 1829 and named in honor of John H. Eaton, Secretary of War from 1829 to 1836. The formal organization of the County was adopted by the State of Michigan on December 29, 1837. At that time Bellevue was the principal and oldest settlement in the County, and was considered the most appropriate location for the county seat. Ultimately, however, Charlotte was selected in 1839 due to its central location.

Eaton County has remained an agricultural community through the years. Most of the County’s early settlements were based upon its heritage of vast timber resources and fertile farmlands. Until the late, 1960s, the County experienced little pressure associated with growth and development.

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