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Ivanhoe City

Lincoln County, Minnesota

Ivanhoe City Hall is located at 401 North Harold Street, Ivanhoe MN 56142.
Phone: 507‑694‑1738.

When Lincoln County was created in 1873, a town (Marshfield) was platted for the purpose of becoming the county seat. From 1874-1904 a number of competitions, maneuvers, and court cases pitted Tyler, Lake Benton, and Ivanhoe against each other in bids to have the county seat removed to their own town. Ivanhoe, which was not created until 1900, ultimately prevailed as the result of an election held in August 1904. 2,274 votes were cast of which 1,310 favored Ivanhoe. It would be another 16 years (1920) before a permanent, dedicated county courthouse was completed. [1]

With a population significantly less than 1,000 citizens, Ivanhoe is among the smallest county seats nationwide.

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