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Pascagoula City

Jackson County, Mississippi

Pascagoula City Hall is located at 603 Watts Avenue, Pascagoula, MS 39567.
Phone: 228‑762‑4041.

Lena Olsen House

Photo: Lena Olsen House, circa 1891, located at 706 Buena Vista Street, Pascagoula. Listed on the National Register in 1991. Photographer: wikipedia username: rossograph, 2022, (own work). [cc-4.0]; accessed March, 2023.


The village of Pascagoula was incorporated in 1838. The villages of Scranton and Pascagoula were combined in 1904 and incorporated as the City of Pascagoula.

Beginnings [1]

The word Pascagoula means "bread nation" (or 'bread eaters') and was the name of the tribe of Indians that originally inhabited this region. An old narrative of M. Penicaut (who formed one of the original French colonies in 1699 at Old Biloxi) "coasting along in an easterly direction from Biloxi we found a wide bay called the Bay of the Pascagoulas. Within this bay there flows a river, upon the borders of which the Pascagoulas are established."

By 1907 the city had a telegraph, express, telephone, banking services, electric lights, an ice plant, a street railway and a waterworks. The Scranton State Bank was established here in 1892. Several newspapers had been established beginning about 1897. The Pascagoula River was an important transportation artery serving the lumber industry. In addition to the booming lumber and lumber-related businesses, the town had grist mills and ship yards.

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