Franklin Town

Macon County, North Carolina

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Franklin Town Hall is located at 95 E. Main Street, Franklin, NC 28744.
Phone: 828‑524‑2516.

The Town of Franklin was formed in 1828.

Franklin as described in 1891 [1]

The first house built in Franklin was built by Joshua Roberts on the lot now occupied by Mr. Jackson Johnston. It was a small round log cabin. But the first house proper was one built of hewn logs, by Irad S. Hightower on the lot where Mr. N. G. Allman's hotel stands. It now constitutes a part of that building. That first house passed into the hands of the late Capt. N. S. Jarrett, thence to Gideon F. Morris, and from him to John R. Allman and then to the present owner, N. G. Allman. There were several log cabins built about that time, but the order in which it was done and the claims to priority is unknown.

Lindsey Fortune built a cabin on the lot where the Franklin House, or Jarrett Hotel now stands. Samuel Robinson built on the lot now occupied by Mrs. Robinson. Silas McDowell first built on the lot where stands the residence of D. C. Cunningham. Dillard Love built the first house on Mr. Trotter's lot. N. S. Jarrett built on the lot owned and occupied by Sam L. Rogers. John F. Dobson first improved the corner lot now owned by C. C. Smith. James K. Gray built the second house made of hewn logs on the lot owned by Mrs. Dr. A. W. Bell. Jesse R. Siler, one of the first sellers built the house at the foot of the town hill where Mr. Geo. A. Jones now resides. He also built the second house on the Gov. Robinson lot and the brick store and dwelling owned at present, by Capt. A. P. Munday. James W. Guinn or Mr. Whilaker built the house owned and occupied by Mr. Jackson Johnston. I am indebted for much of this information about the early settlement of Franklin to the late James K. Gray and Silas McDowell. There is one other fact worthy of notice. John R. Allman opened the first hotel in Franklin. Shortly after this Jesse R. Siler opened his house at the "foot of the hill" and these two houses furnished the hotel accommodations here for many years. These are the facts of history about Franklin so far as they go. Though meager and unsatisfactory, they may be interesting to future generations.

  1. Dr. C. D. Smith, A Brief History of Macon County, North Carolina, Franklin Press Print, Franklin, N.C., 1891.

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