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Lyndeborough Town

Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

Lyndeborough Town Hall is located at 9 Citizens Hall Road, Lyndeborough, NH 03082.
Phone: 603‑654‑5955.


Beginnings [1]

Lyndeborough was granted by the Province of Massachusetts in 1735, was chartered by the Masonian Proprietors in 1753 and was chartered by the Province of New Hampshire under Benning Wentworth, Governor, in 1764.

The territory of which Lyndeborough is part was granted by the King of England to the Plymouth company, or as it was more commonly called, the Council of Plymouth, in the year 1620; granted again in 1622 by the same king, James I, to Sir Ferdinanco Gorges and Captain John Mason; and further granted to Captain John Mason in 1629, by the Council of Plymouth. But quite a portion of this territory at a later day was granted by the Colony of Massachusetts to the soldiers of the Canada Expedition of 1690 and to their heirs, in consideration of their services. This land was again re-granted by the Masonian proprietors, and was finally granted for incorporation as a town by the Charter of the Royal Governor, Benning Wentworth. Thus the territory passed through many hands.

In 1753, at the time of the Masonian Charter, Benjamin Lynde Jr. Esq. was a prominent figure. Having inherited a large estate and having rare legal and judicial talent accompanied by an unsullied reputation for honesty and integrity, he became the principal owner of the real estate of the town. Under the new charter the town was named "Lyndes Borough," later changed to "Lyndeborough."

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