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Berne Town, Albany County, NY

Beginnings [1]

This village is situated on the Weidman Mill property and is the oldest, largest [1896] and most important center in the town. It has a population of 250 inhabitants. Its growth has been gradual and the course of time has been marked by many changes. The place was known as Beaverdam for a few years after the organization of the town.

In 1817 Henry Engle started a tavern west of the residence of Esli Whipple. The tavern bore upon its sign "Corporation Inn," and became a popular place of resort. The place therefrom, by common usage, obtained the name of Corporation. Locally this name is preferred to its proper name, Berne, which was given it on the establishment of the post-office in 1825.

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Street Names
Berne Altamont Road • Heiderbberg Trail • Irish Hill Road • Route 156 • Route 443