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Orleans Town, Jefferson County, NY

Beginnings [1]

Omar is pleasantly situated on Mullet Creek, one and a half miles from its mouth. It was formerly named from the stream, afterwards "Mudge's Mills," and since the establishment of a post office in 1842 by its present name, Omar. The name is taken, it is said, from the personage of Dr. Johnson's allegorical tale in the English Reader. The first settlement in the vicinity was by William Tanner, about 1818, and in 1820 William and Treat Mudge erected the first saw mill, a primitive affair, but sufficient for the requirements of the time. For several years the place contained nothing else, and in 1837 embraced but six buildings. The first store was opened under the co-partnership of Truesdell & Stackhouse in 1841. They also erected an ashery the same year.

A post office was established May 17, 1840 with T. R. Stackhouse appointed the first postmaster.

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Street Names
Factory Street • Reeme Drive • Route 180