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Ridgeway Town, Orleans County, NY

Jeddo is a small village located on Ridge Road near the town and county line. The original grantees were Seymour Murdock, James Sheldon, and Samuel P. Judson. Zephaniah Judson in 1811, Amos Spencer in 1812, and William McCormick in 1821 were original purchasers. Orlando Bates built a grist mill here in 1827. A saw mill was built here about the same time. The water to run the mills was obtained by cutting a ditch across the Ridge and draining a large swamp that lay on the south side of it. The village was first known as Batesville. [1]

  1. Signor, Hon. Isaac S., editor, Landmarks of Orleans County New York, D. Mason & Company publishers, Syracuse, 1894

Street Names
Ridge Road • Route 104