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Milford Square

Milford Twp, Bucks County, PA

Milford Square
This town is located in the center of Milford Township and was formerly known as Heistville until 1850. Earliest settlers were Mennonites from the Palatinate in Germany by the name of Clemmers (or Clymers) and Schelles (or Shellys). There were many mills in this town (hence the name) situated along the Licking Creek, a branch of the Unami Creek. Rosenberger Mill, Clover Leaf Mill, the D.S. Heist Grist Mill, Roth Mill, the Henry Blyler Mill, the J.S. Schull Grist Mill (later Potts Mill), Fochts Mill (later Campbell's Mill) and Achey's Mill which is still standing and serves as a private residence.

Source: Milford Township Historical and Preservation Society, PO Box 73, Spinnerstown PA 18968; 215-538-8101.

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Street Names
Allentown Road • Milford Square Pike