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Danville Borough

Montour County, Pennsylvania

Danville Borough Hall is located at 239 Mill Street, Danville PA 17821.
Phone: 570‑275‑3091.


Beginnings [1]

Founded by William Montgomery, Danville was located on a primitive road which ran along the North Branch of the Susquehanna River, providing access to communities upstream and downstream. Born in Chester County in 1736, Montgomery settled on the site in 1776 establishing the first woolen, saw, and grist mill to which he later added a distillery. The development of iron manufacturing endeavors in Danville can be traced to William Montgomery's influence. Montgomery's early attempts to manufacture iron proved to be unprofitable, but the prevalence of resources led other industrialists to perfect the manufacturing process. He was also the first man in the County to use anthracite coal for room heating.

In 1792, the town was laid out by Daniel, the son of founder William Montgomery. The name Danville was bestowed upon the place previously known as Montgomery's Landing or Mahoning Settlement as a tribute to Daniel Montgomery. A prosperous merchant and shipping agent, he was influential in the siting of major transportation routes through Danville. In 1814-1815, as a principal stockholder in the Susquehanna River Bridge at Northumberland and a manager of the Centre Turnpike Company, Daniel was instrumental in the construction of a short turnpike linking Danville with the Centre Turnpike which ran from Reading to Sunbury. In 1826, he was appointed to the newly created Board of Canal Commissioners serving as the first President.

Daniel and William Montgomery also were instrumental in the creation of Columbia County and the designation of Danville as its County Seat in 1813. Both Montgomerys conveyed land to the County for the erection, in 1816, of a courthouse and jail. By that year, a brickyard, woolen factory, saw and grist mills (none of which remain), a hotel, and several merchants were operating in the community. At that time, the population numbered 500.

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