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LaPorte Borough

Sullivan County, Pennsylvania

Borough offices are located on Munce Street, LaPorte PA 18626.
Phone: 570‑946‑5048.

LaPorte Borough is wholly surrounded by the township of LaPorte and is the seat of government for Sullivan County. The county courthouse is located at Main and Muncy Streets, LaPorte PA 18626; phone: 570-946-5201.

Main thoroughfares are (north-south) Cliff Avenue (Route 220) and (east-west) Main Street (Route 42).

Beginnings [1]

Laporte, county seat, is the smallest seat of government in the Commonwealth. Michael Meylert laid out the town plat in 1850, and it was he who named both the township and village for John LaPorte, who was the Speaker of the General Assembly, 1832; Member of Congress, 1832-36, and the last Surveyor General of Pennsylvania, serving from 1845 to 1851. He was a descendant of one of the old exiled families of French Royalists, who sought a refuge in the wilds of present Bradford County, founded "Asylum," and projected an additional community in Sullivan County. The name LaPorte signifies "a dweller in the gateway" of a city. It was while serving as surveyor general that LaPorte used his influence to have the county organized and the seat of justice located at its present site. He won this honor over Cherry Hill, Dushore, Shinersville, Sonestown, Lewis Lake, now Eagles Mere, Forksville, and at least three other places. Michael and William Meylert cleared the ground and were in charge of the erection of the public buildings. The first court session at Laporte assembled on Christmas, 1848. The earliest settlements were made by Germans at an early date. A tannery was established at Laporte soon after it was plotted. The borough was incorporated in 1853. Beautiful Makoma Lake is within the corporate limits, and it is surrounded by summer cottages. Laporte is the only county seat in Pennsylvania without a newspaper. Population in 1940 was 206.

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