Park City

Summit County, Utah

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Park City administrative offices are located at 445 Marsac Avenue, Park City, UT 84060.
Phone: 435‑615‑5000.

John F. Cunningham House, ca. 1901

Park City [1] is a town that has truly been on a roller coaster ride through history. From the discovery of silver in the late 1860s to its incorporation as a city in 1884 to the peak of its natural resource harvest in the mid-1890s to the "great" fire in 1898 to its "ghost town status" in the 1950s to its weak revival as a ski town in 1963 to hosting the Winter Olympics in 2002 to the present...the town has constantly reinvented itself. The success of the community is based on both its geographical gifts and its inventive population; a people that know that the natural gifts present in and around this town are its most valuable resource.


Park City was founded as a silver-mining town in 1869.

Beginnings [2]

Sources remain uncertain as to who made the first discovery, but the first claim filed in the district became the Young American lode, recorded on December 23, 1868. However, the discovery of the rich Ontario mine initiated efforts to mine lode ores and acted as the catalyst for Park City's rapid notoriety as a great silver mining camp. In 1872, shortly after the discovery, the mine was sold to George Hearst, a San Francisco "mining man," and run by R. C. Chambers until 1901.

Coupled with the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, that spurred mining development in 1869, the Ontario ignited new growth in the district of Park City. The Pinon, Walker and Webster, Flagstaff, McHenry, Buckeye, and other mines also shipped small amounts of ore. By 1879, the Ontario operation flourished, with homes springing up near the mine and lower down the canyon near the present site of Park City. A camp burgeoned.

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