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Benjamin Geer McDougall

Benjamin Geer McDougall, Architect [1865-1937]

Benjamin Geer McDougall (1865-1937) was born in San Francisco, the son of architect Barnett McDougall. Benjamin McDougall was educated at the California School of Design and later, with his brother, joined his father's architectural firm. He continued to work with B. McDougall and Sons until he established his own office in 1906. His work covered a wide range of building types, including churches, schools, apartment houses, commercial buildings, hotels, and private residences. Among his better known commissions were the Sheldon Building (1907) in San Francisco, the Standard Oil Building (1910) in San Francisco, an office building at 353 Sacramento Street (1922) in San Francisco, and the Federal Realty Building (1913-14) in Oakland, the West Coast's first Gothic Revival skyscraper.

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