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Joseph Cather Newsom

Joseph Cather Newsom, Architect [1857-1930]

Joseph Cather Newsom [†] designed the Eastlake style residence at 1163 West 27th Street (North University Park Historic District). Newsom, along with his brother and partner Samuel, immigrated to San Francisco from their birthplace in Montreal. They began to design houses and a few commercial buildings in the 1870s. By the end of the decade they had become one of the most successful architecture firms in the state with 650 executed commissions. The Carson house in Eureka is widely considered to be their masterpiece, however, their influence was felt in Los Angeles as well. In 1886 the brothers established an office in Los Angeles with Joseph Gather as supervisor. They continued to work in northern California during this time, but benefitted from the real estate boom that was occurring during the period and obtained numerous commissions for commercial and residential buildings. In 1888, the partnership was dissolved and Joseph Gather remained in Los Angeles, while his brother returned to San Francisco. About 1890, Joseph Cather closed his Los Angeles office and returned to San Francisco to open an office. The remainder of his career was rather erratic, with moves to Philadelphia in 1897, San Francisco in 1900, and Los Angeles in 1903. Newsom moved back to San Francisco in 1906 and died in 1930.

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