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Sioux County, Iowa


Sioux County administrative offices are located at 210 Central Avenue SW, Orange City IA 51041; phone: 712-737-2999 (community services).

Sioux County, located in the northwest corner of Iowa, was formally organized on January 20, 1860. Its name is in honor of the Sioux Indian tribe, which was once prosperous in the area. Sioux means "Snakes" or "Little Snakes." The first county seat of Sioux County was Calliope. It was a small village, established in 1860 with no more than 15 residents, the entire population of the county at that time. The first courthouse was built in Calliope in 1860 and served the county until 1872. The original courthouse was a log cabin that contained portholes, like a fort, for protection from outlaws and Indians. The building also served as living quarters for county officials and other residents.

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