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DuPage County, Illinois

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Hinsdale Village Hall is located at 19 East Chicago Avenue, Hinsdale, IL 60521.
Phone: 630‑789‑7000.


Hinsdale as described in 1874 [1]

The Village of Hinsdale was originally laid out in 1866. In the year 1869 quite a number of houses were built and occupied and appearances warranted the presumption that there would be a popular place there some day.

The Village is situated on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, 10 miles from the city limits and 16 miles from the Chicago courthouse. The situation of the place is handsome and attractive, being elevated prairie land with alternate hills and groves; some of the hills rising as high as 75 feet above Lake Michigan.

The first operations in building began in 1868. In that year Mr. William Robbins built a large stone schoolhouse; a store and a post office was established and a Congregational church was organized by Reverend J. E. Roy. During the next year building commenced in earnest; people arrived; increased railroad facilities were added, and a small hotel, and another store and meat market were built. Enterprising men could afford to accept deeds of well-located acres for $200 to $300 and live there. A property owner stated that he was offered $400 at this time for a 1/2 acre lot, at what was considered the best business corner in town. Many offers succeeded the first, the price always increasing.

The next year Mr. O. J. Stough built and furnished a handsome little church on the north side of town at a cost of $4,500, and still maintains it free to all. Reverend Dr. W. S. Belch was the first pastor, Reverend A. Crum at present. The religion preached in this church is of the liberal type.

The Baptists also built a fine church on the south side of town at a cost of $12,000. Mr. Robbins donated the land. The Baptists and Congregationalists have held union services, which were conducted by the Reverend Mr. Bascom.

Hinsdale is well-supplied with schools. The stone building erected by Mr. Robbins was purchased by the school district and is now maintained as a public school. Mr. O. J. Stough built a large schoolhouse on the north side in which Professor Gleason keeps a private school. The upper part of the building is called Stough's Hall and is used by club parties and for public entertainments.

Mr. Robbins who was the first settler, has a beautiful stone villa, half hidden in a natural grove, about a mile southeast of the depot, which, with the improvements, is valued at $35,000. Mr. Robbins first purchased, in 1864, a tract of 800 acres at $20 per acre. He has platted 480 acres of this land, and also gave the right of way to the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad when that company decided to pass through the place. Mr. Robbins has sold 320 acres at various prices.

The property up to a recent date has been owned principally by Messrs. William Robbings and O. J. Stough; but Mr. Stough has lately sold out his interest to a stock company composed of C. E. Bruner, Benjamin Lombard and others, whose policy will be an active one. Mr. Stough has expended at Hinsdale in land and houses, which he has sold on time, no less a sum than $250,000.

In the spring of 1874, Mr. Bruner, trustee, will erect 50 houses varying in value from $1,500 to $2,000 each. They are now surveying the Esterbrook tract, 40 acres, preparatory to raising the streets to grade, putting in sewers, etc. Professor Thayer, of Jacksonville, IL, is negotiating for the purchase of several acres on which to erect a ladies' seminary, which will be of brick, of large dimensions, of fine architecture, and a first-class institution.

Lots are now selling at from $10 to $25 per foot. Acres bordering upon the plat at from $400 to $1,000.

There are 24 daily trains to and from the city. The fare is $75 per year and twenty cents per ride for family tickets. The distance traversed in from 30 to 60 minutes from the different stations in the city.

  1. Everett Chamberlin, Chicago and Its Suburbs, T. A. Hungerford & Co., Chicago, 1874.

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