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Lawrenceburg City

Dearborn County, Indiana

Lawrenceburg City Hall is located at 230 Walnut Street, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025.
Phone: 812‑532‑3552.


Founded in 1802 by Samuel C. Vance, Lawrenceburg quickly became a trading center for all of southeastern Indiana, utilizing both its proximity to the Ohio River and the early growth of the railroads to provide the necessary transportation. Because of the vagaries of river depths, a permanent pier for the landing of steamboats was impractical, so Lawrenceburg and other river towns moored barges on the riverfront to act as docks. It was presided over by a city employee known as the "wharfmaster." For more than 100 years, residents came and went by flatboat and paddle wheeler, with their first glimpse of "home" the view down Walnut Street. Here, too, landed hundreds of German immigrants who gave Lawrenceburg its distinctive atmosphere and love of music. [1]

The town of Lawrenceburg was established as the county seat in 1803, a year after its original plat was laid out by Samuel Vance, James Hamilton, and Benjamin Chambers. In 1810 a two-story frame courthouse was built. Destroyed by fire in 1826, it was replaced by a new building which served until 1836 when the county seat was moved to the town of Wilmington where a new brick courthouse was erected. Wilmington remained the county seat for only eight years with Lawrenceburg permanently retaining its position in 1844. The present County Courthouse was built in 1870. [2]

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