Brandenburg City, Meade County, Kentucky (KY) 40108

Brandenburg City

Meade County, Kentucky

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Brandenburg City Hall is located at 737 High Street, Brandenburg, KY 40108; 270‑422‑4981.


  • Coyote Forest
  • Doe Valley
  • Doe Valley Estates
  • Eastwood Hills
  • English Estates
  • Grandview Estates
  • Harrington Heights
  • Indian Oaks
  • Margaret Mills
  • Oakwood
  • Otter Ridge Estates
  • Park Place Estates
  • River Cliff
  • Robbins Farm
  • Rolling Heights
  • Southern Park
  • The Woods

Burlington as described in 1903 [1]

Meade County, was formed in 1823 and named for Captain James Meade who died in battle in the War of 1812. Brandenburg was incorporated in 1825, a year after its first court had convened. It bears the name of Colonel Solomon Brandenburg, an early settler who had seen service in the War of 1812. When the railroad built its line three miles from the town, the citizens saved the town's existence by building a hard-surfaced road, the first in the county, from the center to the station. When the principal highway was extended along the ridge top, leaving the business section on a side street, the commercial district began gradually to move to the highway. Brandenburg's Main Street, nevertheless, continues to thrive; the countryfolk and townspeople mingle around the stores and the courthouse, where, for generations, they and their forebears have gathered.

On a hill overlooking Main Street and the Ohio River stands the Meade County Courthouse, which is more than a hundred years old and contains historic records bearing on social institutions of an earlier day, such as the following: "Henry Dawes, a poor child, is apprenticed to Henry R. Turnstall on this day, April 26, 1824, to learn the mystery of carding and spinning in its several branches. Henry R. Turnstall shall provide the above named Henry Dawes with meat, drink and apparel, lodging, washing and other necessities. In addition to the above, Henry Dawes shall be taught reading, writing and common arithmetic, including the rule of three."

On Main St. is the site Walnut Tavern, operated by Solomon Brandenburg.

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