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Kalkaska County, Michigan


Kalkaska County Neighborhoods

The Kalkaska County Courthouse is located at 605 North Birch Street, Kalkaska, MI 49646; phone: 231-258-3300.

Named in 1843, the County was originally called Wabassee, which honored a Potawatomi chief. Located in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan, Kalkaska County is situated within some of the State's most beautiful natural settings, drawing many seasonal visitors to the area. Traverse City is located only 20 miles west of Kalkaska County and the City of Detroit is 230 miles southeast, or little more than a four-hour drive. Surrounding counties include: Grand Traverse County to the west, Crawford County to the east, Antrim County directly north and Missaukee County to the south. Major transportation routes through Kalkaska County include US- 131, traversing the northwest section of the County; M-66, running north and south; and M-72 running east and west. [1]

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