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North Michigan Avenue Historic District

Saginaw City, Saginaw County, MI

North Michigan Avenue [†] was one of the West Side’s most grand residential neighborhoods. Located north of the business and industrial districts on the West Side’s main north-south thoroughfare, it became the home of Saginaw’s upwardly mobile second generation of lumbermen. This area was not the home of the earliest settlers of Saginaw City. Rather, it drew the sons and associates of these entrepreneurs from the residential neighborhoods to the south.

>p>The district’s homes are large, rich in detail, close the avenue, and surrounded by mature trees and large lawns. Queen Anne and Georgian Revival styles are the architectural heritage of the district. The existence of a single native Greek Revival structure reflects the lack of early development. Several modern, low-profiled, brick or wood-sided architect-designed buildings serve as counterpoints: complementing the district by providing a change in scale and fabric against which the earlier architecture can be contrasted. They also serve as a valuable record of the historic development of North Michigan Avenue, as its importance as a traffic artery shifted it from prominent residential avenue to professional corridor.

City of Saginaw, Saginaw Local Historic District Guidelines, 2018, www.saginaw-mi.com, accessed September, 2021.

Street Names
Eleanor Street • Hayes Street • Madison Street • Michigan Avenue North • Miller Street • Monroe Street • Throop Street