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Troy City

Lincoln County, Missouri

Troy City Hall is located at 800 East Cap au Gris, Troy, MO 63379.
Phone: 636‑528‑4712.


Troy is the seat of government for Lincoln County.

Beginnings [1]

The first to settle in the area which would become Troy was Major Christopher Clark from Kentucky. He was followed in 1801 by Joseph Cottel and Zadoc Woods from Woodstock, Vermont. By 1802 several more families built cabins and settled nearby. Joshua Robbins, a grocer from Troy, New York, gave a speech to a gathering about the ancient city of Troy during the golden age. He was lobbying for the town to be named Troy, and the people agreed.

During the War of 1812, the settlers built a large stockade for protection from the British and the Indians under the leadership of Chief Black Hawk. The fort was named Wood’s Fort after Zadock Woods. There were twenty-five to thirty families living in twelve to fifteen cabins inside the log fort. The fort had a blockhouse on each corner and a large blockhouse in the center that housed the spring. The settlers were under siege for three years. They went out during the day to tend their crops while others stood guard. Finally, farming was abandoned and the settlers suffered very much from hunger.

The pioneers were aided at this fort by Lieutenant Zachary Taylor (later General and President Taylor) and the Rangers under Captains Daniel M. and Nathan Boone, Daniel Boone’s sons and Captain James Calloway, Daniel Boone’s grandson who was killed. Daniel Boone visited the fort himself when he was 80 years old. After the war, most of the folks returned to their homes even though it was still dangerous for some time.

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