Enfield Town

Halifax County, North Carolina

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Enfield Town Hall is located at 121 SE Railroad Street, Enfield, NC 27823.
Phone: 252-445-3146.

The Cellar, circa 1810

Enfield is the oldest town in Halifax County. The area was settled prior to 1725; however, the town was not founded until 1740. According to one of many stories on how Enfield got its name, the original name was Huckleberry Swamp, probably due to the low swampland and the many huckleberry bushes which grew in the area. No one really knows how Enfield got its name though some stories say that it was named for Enfield, England, after the custom of the day to name colonial towns after villages back in England. Other stories say it was named for an inn which was located in a field on the stageline which passed north and south, thus the name "Inn-field." Some say it was named for a tract of land known as the "Enfield Tract" on which the town was built. However, no one knows how the tract of land got its name. Another version was that two men were walking across a field and when they came to the end, one man said, "We are at the 'end of the field.'" It was at this spot that the town grew up and the name Enfield was born.

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