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Malone Village

Franklin County, New York

Malone Village Hall is located at 16 Elm Street, Malone NY 12953.
Phone: 518‑483‑4750.

Early settlers (1802) include John and Nathan Wood. The village was incorporated in 1853.

Beginnings [‡]

Permanent settlement of Malone commenced in 1802 when a number of emigrant families from Vermont began relocating in the northernmost region of New York State. By 1808 the population had increased to a level which justified the establishment of Franklin County. Local industries began to develop in and around Malone by th 1830's, dominated by iron mining, flour and saw milling, tanning, and potash manufacturing; yet the relative inaccessibility of the region hindered growth of a market economy.[1] The principal stimulus to the social and economic development of Malone and Franklin County was the construction of the Northern Railroad.

The Northern Railroad reached Malone on October 1, 1950, and the entire right-of-way was completed by the close of that year.[2]

Malone became an important center of the railroad and commercial activities during the 1850's. The Northern Railroad erected car shops and a turntable at Malone, and about 1852 built the Malone Freight Depot and railroad office to facilitate storage and shipment of bulk commodities from Franklin County to easter markets.[3] For a time, milling became a major industry as grain transported from the wharfs at Ogdensburg was ground at Malone's numerous water-powered mills and shipped out as flour by rail. Malone's quarry industry, which furnished the sandstone used in construction of the freight depot and numerous other buildings in the community, was also briefly stimulated by rail transportation as bulk stone could be shipped to markets east and west of Franklin County.[4]

End Notes

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