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Croghan Village

Lewis County, New York

Crohgan was formed from Watson and Diana, April 5, 1841, and named in honor of George Croghan, whose military services had then been recently brought to public notice in the presidential campaign resulting in Harrison's election. Croghan was a native of Locust Grove near the falls of the Ohio, where he was born November 15, 1791. His father was major William Croghan, an Irishman who had rendered efficient services during the Revolution, and his mother was sister of William Clark, who with Captain Lewis explored the Missouri country in 1805-1807.

The Village is home to the American Maple Museum, which contains artifacts and photos, depicting the evolution of the North American Maple Syrup industry from the first Americans to the present. Includes the North American Maple Hall of Fame which honors leaders of the maple industry. Over 1,000 artifacts for viewing.