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Springfield Twp, Bucks County, PA

This small hamlet was first known as Fairmount. The village name was probably changed to Passer in 1888 when a post office was established (the post office was discontinued in 1915). A hotel also once operated in Passer, but the building was converted to residential use many years ago. Near Passer is an area where the Lenape Indians once made arrowheads. Their workplace was found at "three never-failing springs of water" and many points, chips, and complete arrowheads have been found there.

Today, all that remains of the original village of Passer is a few older homes at a crossroads. However, a lot of new houses are being built in the vicinity. Most of the area around Passer consists of wooded hills and open fields, making this a very pretty part of Bucks County.

Source: Springfield Township Comprehensive Plan, 2002

Street Names
Richlandtown Pike • State Road