Bloomsburg Town, Columbia County, Pennsylvania (PA) 52533

Bloomsburg Town

Columbia County, Pennsylvania

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Bloomsburg Town Hall is located at 301 East Second Street, Bloomsburg, PA 52533.
Phone: 570‑784‑7123.

Beginnings [1]

In 1772 the site of the present town of Bloomsburg was not only located in the township of Fishingcreek, county of Northumberland, of the State of Pennsylvania, but at the same time designated by the State of Connecticut as part of the township of Wyoming, of their county of Westmoreland, claimed by them at the time. Under the Connecticut claim James McClure came here in May, 1769, and located a home site, while on his way to Wyoming, but he seems to have believed in the right of Pennsylvania to dispose of the land, for he obtained a patent from Francis Stewart in 1772. Stewart had never attempted to improve the land, which he had surveyed in 1769 under the title of "Beauchamp." McClure, after his purchase of the tract, built a log house, and within that humble domicile James McClure, Jr., the first white child born within the forks of the Susquehanna, saw the light.

Bloomsburg is essentially a city of homes. Its abundant resources make it an ideal place in which to live and raise a family, and as the biographical portion of this history will show the people have not been neglectful of these advantages. In the heart of a rich and progressive agricultural district, supplied with the finest of soil, provided with an abundance of pure water, elevated to a height above the sea which gives purity of air, and with a population noted for culture, refinement and intellectual attainments, there is nothing to prevent the continued growth of this beautiful town. And beautiful she is, in truth. Most of the streets are shaded by closely set maple trees, the roadways are kept in smooth and dustless condition, the residents vie with each other in the cultivation of flowers, and a spirit of civic pride induces everyone to exert his best efforts to keep the town at the front in every endeavor that will make for her growth and advancement.

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