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Lower Frankford Township

Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Lower Frankford Township municipal offices are located at 1205 Easy Road Carlisle, PA 17013.
Phone: 717‑243‑0855.

Lower Frankford Township is situated in the north central part of Cumberland County, in south central Pennsylvania. The township is bordered to the south by the Conodoguinet Creek, to the east by North Middleton Township, to the west by Upper Frankford Township and to the north by the Perry County townships of Tyrone and Spring.

The territory now called Lower Frankford Township, although recently established, has its historical beginnings in 1735. It was in this year that the territory became encompassed within the Pennsborough Township borders, which was then considered part of Lancaster County. The original settlers were primarily of Scotch and Irish descent. In 1730, with the Indians' permission, these pioneers entered the valley in small numbers. By 1736 the Indians' land was fully acquired by peaceful means, and at minimal financial cost. By the late 1700's families of German descent were also settling in the area. The first permanent dwellings were relatively small and of log construction. A few of them still exist today in modified form, having been incorporated into larger structures. Examples of early log construction may also be found in several barns, most built after 1825, which still exist today. As the valley became more populated, the area's remoteness from the county seat in Lancaster became a problem. On January 27,1750, Cumberland County became the sixth county in Pennsylvania to be formed. It was named for a county in England. The word "Cumberland" signifies "land of the hollows," from the Anglo-Saxon word "comb," meaning a valley or low place.

By 1820 the area originally designated as Cumberland County was divided into six counties, of which Cumberland remained one. When the present boundaries of Cumberland County were established, there were only two townships, Hopewell and Pennsborough. Other townships soon formed, with Frankford Township being formed in 1795 from a section of West Pennsborough. In 1921, Frankford Township was divided into the present Upper and Lower Frankford Townships. The dividing line separating Upper and Lower Frankford begins at about the center of a deep "U' bend made by the Conodoguinet Creek. This "U" bend is about midway along the southern boundary line and was considered the logical place for the division.

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