South Middleton Township

Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

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South Middleton Town Hall is located at 520 Park Drive, Boiling Springs PA 17007.
Phone: 717‑258‑5324.

James Given Tavern


The township was created in 1810 when Middleton Township was divided into North and South. The Township is predominantly a rural farming and forested area. Approximately 75 percent or more of the land is used for farming, forest or woodland. These are the areas experiencing new development. As development occurs in the scattered pattern, the farmland and woodland are slowly being converted to suburban development. Suburban development occupies about 15-20 percent of the land area in the Township. Considerable development of single residences exists in the woodland and agricultural areas. This development is an early indicator of the conversion from rural to suburban setting. This development influences the use and activity of a significant amount of land adjacent and around this land development. The scattered residential development in the rural area represents suburban fringe. Commercial and retail uses represent less than three percent of the land area. Retail uses are scattered throughout several areas of the Township. A major segment is within a strip along Holly Pike extending almost to the Yellow Breeches Creek from Interstate 81. Some commercial uses are located along Walnut Bottom Road. A few are situated in the Boiling Springs urban area. Industrial/manufacturing and office uses are limited within the Township. A major complex located on Park Drive accounts for the major part of this category. The Walnut Bottom Road area has some office uses. There are a number of small facilities scattered throughout the Township. The second area, the central portion of the Township, is predominantly agriculture and farming activities. In many places the road frontage is stripped with large-lot residential uses. Throughout this area, random residential development is setting the pattern of early stages of suburban development. The third area, the southern portion of the Township, is dominated by forested mountainsides and hills. The mountaintop area is developed with farming and orchard activities. In numerous places in this section, road frontage is stripped with large-lot residential development. Within the forested area there are some seasonal dwellings, and some year-round residences. The major part of the forested area is located generally east of Baltimore Pike extending to the Monroe Township line. The commercial, retail and industrial development is scattered throughout the north section of the Township. Commercial development is generally along Walnut Bottom Road and Holly Pike. Most of the industrial development is located on Park Drive, and in areas along the Interstate 81 corridor. Some office complexes are situated along Walnut Bottom Road. [1]

  1. South Middleton Township Planning Commission, Comprehensive Plan, June 2008,, accessed December, 2008

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