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Quarryville Borough

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Quarryville Borough Hall is located at 300 St Catherine Street, Quarryville PA 17566.
Phone: 717‑786‑2404.


Quarryville as described in 1940 [1]

Quarryville, between Stony Hill and a thickly wooded ridge to the south, lies in the broad fertile Chester Valley, the southern limit of the limestone belt. Development of limestone quarries about 1820 came in time to save profitable farms rapidly becoming sterile. Later, quarrying was discontinued and farming again suffered. The town is a shopping center with neat houses and paved streets.

The custom of observing Ground-hog Day, begun here in 1907, has spread widely. Annually, on February 2, members of the lodge, clad in picturesque robes, wait before a ground hog hole for the animal to emerge.

If the day is sunless, so that the ground hog does not see his shadow, spring is said to be imminent; if the animal does see his shadow, there is bad weather ahead; no record of accuracy has been kept. The occasion is celebrated with a banquet and much gaiety.

To the south the land degenerates, and habitations become fewer and less prepossessing.

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